Will Owning a Check Book IRA or Solo 401(k) Shut Me Out of the Stock Market?

Clients are often surprised to learn that managing a Self Directed IRA or Check Book IRA doesn’t mean that they are shut out of the Stock Market.  Although information about Check Book IRAs often stresses alternative investments such as precious metals, tax liens and rental property; traditional investing in stocks and bonds is allowable and just as logical for the educated entrepreneur.

Some have unfortunately been burned in the stock market through their traditional
brokerage firm; whether due to the market itself or to the innate structure of hidden fees.  However, if you are a savvy player in the stock market game, or have perhaps invested personally, there’s no reason why a Check Book IRA or a Solo 401(k) should keep you from putting that knowledge to good use.

Once your Check Book IRA structure is in place; setting up an online trading account is easy.  E*trade, Scottrade, and TD Ameritrade are just a few of the companies that make the application easy and straightforward.

If you’re tired of your Brokerage or Custodian limits on the stocks, bonds and funds you can invest in; maybe it’s time to take control and see how a TRULY Self Directed Check Book IRA or Solo 401(k) can help you successfully play the market.