What is Required Each Year for the Solo 401(k)?

(Hint: Not Much!)


Plan Document Compliance & License Fee – $200/year

Its important that your plan stay in compliance.  If there are any law changes, or if the Dept. of Labor comes out with something that requires a change to your plan, we will handle it for you.  We’ll keep track of the changes, draw up the amendments, and send them to you for review and signature.  Just sign the amendment, and stick it in your binder…voila!

tax return

Tax Filings?

If the plan assets of your Solo 401(k) are less than $250,000 then the good new is that you don’t need to file anything.


If the plan assets are above $250,000 then a Form 5500 needs to be completed.  It is informational in nature, and not an actual tax return.  Some clients learn to complete the form themselves, while some have their CPA do it for them. We can recommend a CPA firm to handle your 5500EZ filing.

We’ll Be Here to Help

As I’ve mentioned before, we maintain an open-door policy with clients.  Realistically what that means is that on a yearly basis, clients call us with questions about contributions, investments, and a number of other issues.  We could charge for it I suppose, but we don’t.   We don’t charge anything, because most of the questions can be answered in just a few minutes, and I don’t like it when people nickel and dime me to death for bits of information.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, we try to make as much information as possible available to whoever wants it.  The information on our site deals with questions that no one else answers, which is why we have people who were set up by other companies, coming to us for information.  We’re happy to accommodate them, but of course we’re more pleased to accommodate our own clients.

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