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Deane Cooper, Palm Springs, CA


the PERFECT vehicle for Real Estate

Solidify, Modify, Stabilize, Supersize, and Energize

These are the words we use when talking to people about investing in Real Estate with their Retirement Investment accounts (IRA or 401(k) accounts). Many people balance their portfolios with real estate investments. The beauty of investing in real estate or some form of real estate is that even when values drop, income is still generated allowing you to ride out a down market. We’ve put together the guide to investing in real estate with your retirement accounts to give you the information to see what’s right for you.

We Revolutionized IRA Real Estate Investing!


Some with a typical Self Directed IRA Custodian have tried to use their IRA’s to invest in Real Estate but found the process expensive and cumbersome.  Their Custodian needs to approve of all investments, sign all documents pertaining to the investments and handle all of the financial transactions, both deposits and the writing of checks.  Since these custodians charge for all transactions the expense of shipping documents back and forth can add up rather quickly.

Also the time that it takes to shuttle paperwork back and forth can be the death knell in grabbing that a good deal that suddenly appears.

So the need to have all transactions reviewed and approved, the handling of all the funds long distance the extra expenses involved make the SDIRA only a “slightly” better alternative to the typical Custodial account.

Enter the CheckBook controlled IRA LLC or Solo 401(k). They BOTH are perfect vehicles for the real estate investor.  Experience the freedom and power as you, as manager are pre-approved to act within certain legal boundaries with regard to your plan set up.

Instantly approve and sign all documents without costly delay.  You’ll no longer worry about whether the custodian’s involvement will end up killing the deal.  Gone will be the hassle of shipping paperwork off to a far away custodian for their approval.

Next, when the deal calls for it, you’ll have IRA checkbook control and just rip out a check drawn on a bank of your choosing.

In the past, if some last minute adjustments were required at closing, your ship was sunk, or at least delayed until the original signatures could be ferried back from a far.  Now, armed with your new investment tool you can simply initial and sign and close your deal immediately.

“ Putting a Real Estate deal together could hardly be any easier with a Check Book IRA.   I make the decision, sign the doc’s and have the check book to invest from or deposit into.  If we have to make last minute changes it’s simply a stroke of the pen away.”

Gil Bracke

Mesa, AZ

Property foreclosure
House For Rent
Remodel House
Buy Foreclosures
Need to have funds immediately available for an auction? Not a problem, just stop by your local bank and pick up a Cashier’s Check for the Courthouse or Sheriff’s Auction.  When we set you up with a CheckBook Controlled Retirement Plan, you will finally experience the ability to cash in on those valuable auction opportunities.
Manage Rentals
Need to rent out the property?  Fine, just stop at the local hardware store and get a new set of locks, paid for from the plan.  Change them yourself then stop by and run a “for rent” ad in the local paper.  Meet the new tenant and sign all the agreements, take the rents and make the deposit.
Managing property may not be for everyone, but it’s legal as long as you follow just a few guidelines.
Here’s a great blog by CEO Jordan Sheppherd that discusses managing a plan owned property.

“Can I do Minor Repairs?”

Its best to hire out any work to a third-party that needs to be done on a 401(k)-owned property.  As Trustee of the plan, of course you can do all of the administrative things like inspecting a property, signing everything at closing, and overseeing a rehab or other repair work.

Our customers say it best so read our testimonials then call us today so you too can grab investment freedom.

The Solo 401(k) Difference!

It has some advantages when investing in Real Estate

UDFI – Solo 401(k) is Exempt for Leveraged Property!

UDFI stands for Unrelated Debt-Financing Income, and it is a sub-set of UBIT.  This tax applies if you secure a loan to purchase property in an IRA or a Check Book IRA.
However, there is no UDFI tax on leverage real estate transactions in a Solo 401(k).  
A lot of people don’t know you can finance property in an plan, but it has always been allowed.
The fact the Solo 401(k) is NOT taxed on leveraging real estate provides a huge advantage for this type of setup.
No LLC Required
Unlike the Check Book IRA where we NEED an LLC to give you control, the Solo 401(k) you are the Trustee.  That means you can instantly make the investments directly from the plan by signing the documents as Trustee and writing checks from the plan’s account.
This can be a huge advantage in states where the annual LLC fees are exorbitantly high.  California, for example charges $800 PER YEAR for an LLC.
Add an LLC if you Wish
You may add an LLC if you wish.  Some wish for more anonymity or, in the case of investing overseas, an LLC is required.  No worries, it’s easy.   We can form an LLC for the plan and handle the filing and LLC documents from start to finish.  If the LLC is a single-member LLC, it won’t have any Federal tax filing requirements, as it would be disregarded by the IRS for filing purposes.  Now you have checkbook control, privacy, and asset protection.  It’s the best of both worlds.
Buy Foreign Property  
A regular self directed IRA custodian does not allow foreign investments.  But it is possible and easy with one of our Check Book IRA controlled plans.  Your Solo 401(k) can generally be the sole shareholder and all funds are transferred into the foreign local Corporation – ready for investment.

Take Charge Today!

With the Check Book Solo 401(k) or the Check Book IRA LLC you can join 1000’s that have seized control of their retirement accounts.

Learn how you can eliminate costly fees, have instant authority to invest and write checks on a local bank account.

Combine your old 401(k) with current SEP or Traditional IRA’s into one, easy to manage account.

Call us today for a free 15 minute consultation with an IRA expert to see which is the best fit for you.

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