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1. Since most custodians only allow limited investments on which they get commissions, we transfer your IRA(s) to a new Custodian.  They only charge small annual fee.

2. They allow us to form a private investment company (LLC) of which your IRA is the 100% owner. You are named the unpaid manager by the custodian and you agree to abide by Congressional IRA investment rules.

3. The LLC is now the investment vehicle. The Custodian is not involved in the day to day transactions, which gives you direct control of the funds thus eliminating delays, transaction fees and asset fees.

4. As Manager you approve investments, sign all documents, decide where and when to invest. This vehicle is what allows you to invest abroad.

5. If a Foreign CORPORATION is needed then it is formed by our experienced attorney, or yours, if you prefer. Your IRA LLC is the sole shareholder and all funds are transferred into the local Corporation – ready for investment.

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