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Thank you so much for making it possible for me to have complete control over my investment funds. If you could just see the smiles I get on my face when I look at my account building up, you would understand the joy I get in feeling in control. I hope all your family had a very Merry Christmas!

Nancy Aberg

I wish I had found Checkbook IRA before I signed up with another facilitator!

I was happy enough with the person who set up my Checkbook IRA until I began asking questions and then would get excuses of family problems, being away, and broken promises of getting back to me.
Jordan of Checkbook IRA was so fantastic – answering my questions, even if I didn’t sign up with him. If I could, I would love to switch to him but his ethics would not allow that.

Even so, Jordan is willing to answer and guide me so I stay in compliance with my IRAs – without charging me for anything!

He is truly a good soul, and I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone wanting to open their Checkbook IRA.

"Honolulu Aunty”

Honolulu, HI

You guys do a great job.

You helped my wife and I set up our self-directed IRA LLC’s five years ago. Five years later you are still there taking my calls and answering all my questions.

Thank You!

Marty Lundberg

Waterford, NY

Jordan had amazing patience with my husband and me when we opened our Solo 401(k)s. He will answer questions anytime we need him. We can’t say enough good things about him. His knowledge of this topic is astounding, yet he explains it so simply, step by step.

Mrs. Shelton

I did a lot of research before deciding that CheckBook IRA was the best option. I had a few questions, which they responded to very quickly. The process was easy and the follow-up was great. I received my binder and had a couple of calls with Jordan to go over everything. They helped me with the information I needed to set up my NP account at Fidelity and the rollovers were pretty painless. I’m just waiting on one final check to complete my last rollover and I’ve already received my checks and made my first investment. The videos on the CheckBook IRA website are very helpful and I recommend CheckBook IRA LLC for anyone wanting to set up a self directed 401K.

Alexander McQuilkin

I met Steve Sheppherd on a golf course in 2010. We talked about his company CheckBook IRA and the idea of a self directed IRA. I was sold immediately. I had my entire IRA in the stock market but never really felt comfortable there. I just didn’t understand the market or trust it.

My expertise was in real estate. Steve showed me how I could buy and sell real estate, have rental properties and do hard money loans with my retirement money. He helped me set up my LLC and walked me through the entire process.

Today my IRA has grown substantially and I’m comfortable in what I’m investing.

If you’re on the fence about doing a self directed IRA, contact Steve or Jordan and talk to them. You won’t find anyone more straight forward or honest.

Deane Cooper

Palm Springs, CA

I have been very pleased with your professional knowledge and valuable assistance in keeping my IRA and my Personal accounts going in the Right Direction—UP! Since placing my assets with you I have not been disappointed in any way. Thank you for your excellent communication and wise counsel. I do not worry at all.

Gerald Cudney


I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your knowledge, service, professionalism, thoroughness and responsiveness!

I would gladly provide you a letter of recommendation or offer to be a reference.

I think we’re coming close to a 10-year anniversary for our first Checkbook IRA setup with you; I worked with your Dad on that one.

I’ve always had a perfect experience in all interactions, that speaks volumes!

Don & Joy James

Lee's Summit, MO

I am writing to thank you and your group.

The package you have put together has enabled someone like me (a non financial guy) to successfully set up my own Solo 401(k).

I received the check from SURS today, a rollover that has no tax or withholding. Succinct and to me complete a guided process that has given me the opportunity to manage these funds as I see fit.

Brion Storm

Lakewood, CO

When I learned about self directed IRA’s, I emailed several companies for information stating I wanted to set one up but would have to do via email as I cannot hear on the telephone.

Jordan was the ONLY one that honored that request.

All others kept calling, disregarding my request. Every question I had, Jordan answered by email.
I have already purchased a property using my LLC and the transaction went just as expected.

You can trust what he tells you and that is all that can be asked.

Tom Holloman, PhD


My wife and I recently took control of our retirement funds. Even though in the future a reporter interviewing homeless old people under the bridge may ask me what went wrong, I sleep better knowing we are making the decisions that determine our fate.

I know the ”professionals” are much smarter than me but I also know they are using my savings to finance multi-million dollar salaries, jet planes, and six thousand dollar shower curtains.

I can’t say if I had access to their money I would not live it up myself! The staff at Check Book IRA set up the legal structure and guided us through the fund transfer process.

I urge you to start early because some of those custodians don’t give up your money easily! Don’t wait until you find the perfect investment.

Ralph & Betty Beer

Hi Alisha,

Just wanted to let you know that everything went smoothly with deposit.

Amazingly enough we accomplished this with me being in Tanzania, East Africa.

Kudos to you guys at Check Book IRA…

Felix Anderson

Ferndale, Washington

Alisha, you made this process so easy and stress free… Thank you again, nice to know that are are business out there like yours that people can rely on. You guys know how to run a business, the best i have every dealt with by far. God bless all of you.

Ledel Patton

A friend told me about the Check Book IRA earlier this year and as a result I visited the website for additional information. This led to many questions so I picked up the phone and called. I reached Peter Rizzo who was very helpful in answering any lingering concerns I had about Check Book IRA. He took my calls right away and thoroughly explained how Check Book IRA worked and what was involved in getting it set up.  As a result of my conversations with Peter I was convinced that I needed to have control over my retirement accounts so I completed the application and was soon working with Alisha Bennett to get all of the paperwork submitted and processed. Everything was explained in precise detail with nothing left to chance. Alisha was wonderful to work with as she followed up on every little detail and also answered all of my post set-up questions. I am currently in the process of purchasing real estate that will generate steady income for years to come. I would not have been able to do this without the help of Check Book IRA and their team of professionals. Thanks for a job well done.

Christopher Bugg

I was vacillating on the idea of setting up a Solo 401(K) for sometime and finely a confluence of events made this option clearly advantageous for my personal situation. After doing a fair bit of research on a number of providers I found that Steve and Jordan Shepphard of Check Book IRA really seemed to care about the little guy. They made sure that everything was well explained in phone conversations and sent printed material that clearly went over the steps needed to do roll overs etc.

Because of their professionalism and well thought out solutions to a potentially complicated endeavor the setup was a breeze and went as advertised without any frustration. The fees that are charged for the services rendered are well worth having this potentially complicated tasked done right the first time with the added benefit of having personalized service to boot!

Marcus D Hain

[The staff] has been fantastic. I can call and talk to somebody right away. I can ask, what seems to me, maybe a mundane question but never is to the person on the other end. It’s immediate satisfaction of what my needs are at that particular time and great responsiveness. And really, really good information.

Don Maietta

St. Paul, MN

Setup was very easy. I was able to call [Steve] and Jordan even on a weekend and got some answers on how to actually proceed and felt that it was professionally done. It wasn’t hard to do by any means. It didn’t take a lot of time. The information that was set was very self-explanatory. I did have a few questions like I said, and I was able to get answers even on a weekend. So I found it really an easy process to get it setup and done.

Greg Owens

Blaine, MN

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding help, expertise and professionalism in helping me establish my IRA LLC. As you know, at the time I had applied I was pressed for critical time to meet a settlement deadline for a property investment. To make matters worst, the state in which I had sent my application to register with could not locate my information.

Your solution to immediately file electronically on my behalf saved the day and my settlement occurred without a problem. You came through to do the right things to make it happen and I offer my most sincere thanks and gratitude.

Also, I appreciate your ongoing support. Again, thank you.

Lou Kerdock

I must admit when my husband first talked to me about investing my retirement money in a Checkbook IRA with someone I knew nothing about, I was more than a little skeptical! I held my breath until my money was actually deposited into my account.

However, I am not ashamed to admit that I was wrong about this being a scam.You and your staff are very knowledgeable and very patient with an “old lady” who had a lot of questions about you and the process.

You made the process very easy to follow, the paper work was easy to fill out, my phone calls were answered quickly and in a matter of 8 days the money was in our checking account.

We have already bought and paid for our first rental and several other projects in process. I feel much more in control of my future plans for retirement.

Thank you so much for making things so easy and I would recommend your services without reservation.



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