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You’ve come to the right place if…

The Stock Market has you scared and you want more investment options than what Wall Street has to offer.

You want to buy Real Estate or Tax Liens with your IRA but your Custodian is too limiting. You need a change.

You have a Self Directed IRA but your Custodian is slow, limiting and costly. You want speed and control.

You want Physical Metals in your IRA, but are unsure what is allowed.

In your research all you seem to get are salespeople trying to get your info. You really want to talk to an Expert.

You want a knowledgeable, experienced, responsive and reputable firm handling your IRA.

You’ve come to the right people too…

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There are TWO different types of Check Book Control Accounts

There are some differences but BOTH offer the CONTROL you seek…



With the exception of life insurance, collectibles and a few family members, you may invest in anything and with anyone.  No longer are you stuck with only what the Custodian offers.



Have the TOTAL authority to INSTANTLY approve all investments, all checks and other documents necessary for investments. You will be eliminating hassle and saving time as well as MONEY.  



If you add Real Estate to your Portfolio you’ll save on manager fees.  Imagine being able to meet with renters, collect rents, make minor repairs and improvements. Stay in control and Save Money!



Combine most all of your IRA’s or other retirement accounts into ONE Self Directed CheckBook account. Reduce paperwork, stress and IRA fees. Increase investment firepower.



Most would be shocked if they knew how much their account is being charged annually.  Our annual fees are generally only around $200.  Regardless of the value of the account.



Since these accounts are either Trust accounts or Business LLC accounts,  your funds now can be held locally, in most cases,  You are not limited to far away big brokerage firms.



There is very little, if any annual reporting, and NO tax returns to file in most cases. No minutes, officers or meetings or voting is required. Bookkeeping is at a minimum.



Do you have areas of expertise? You will no longer be limited to just the Stock Market. Real Estate, Loans, Joint Ventures, Partnerships and more. These are just some of the opportunities that await.



No more paper precious metals or ETFs. Use your retirement funds to buy physical gold and silver.

Why We Can Help You Make the Right Choice


Knowledge is important but you also need experience. In fact we’ve been around so long we have the name “Check Book IRA” trademarked with the US Patent & Trademark Office. There’s not many set up scenarios or state or national jurisdictions we’ve not experienced. We are best qualified to help you with your structure(s). Our client stories page is full of various types of structures and investments we have helped clients with.


Our Check Book IRA University is crammed full of great information in the form of articles, blogs, legal rulings, investment examples and videos. We spend a great deal of time with each client. And, all that time will be spent with a real expert. We produce an informative Weekly Newsletter as well as an entire YouTube Channel. After setup, you can always contact us if you need help.



Our company has maintained a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau, with ZERO complaints, and as a result we have an A+ BBB rating. You want a reputable firm handling the setup of your IRA LLC or Solo 401(k). Our experts are the most knowledgable, our attorneys are long-time experts in the retirement industry, and our Customer Service is second to none. Read what our satisfied clients are saying about us.


A knowledgeable, experienced staff is not much good if you can’t contact them or they won’t return your calls. We answer our own phones. We also have a “Live Chat” app on our site. You will have a direct line to your service person. Alisha Bennett manages and oversees all of our client paper work. You simply won’t find a more helpful, friendly knowledgable service department.

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FREE Check Book IRA LLC Roadmap

Also included is our Newsletter “The Shield”

(We NEVER Spam)

Name *

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How can we help? *

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Redmond OR | Scottsdale AZ | Minneapolis MN

Fax: 866.302.5992
M-F 6:00 am-5:00 pm PST

Which is MOST Popular?


The Check Book IRA® LLC Summary

This is the set up that started a REVOLUTION!  It is less expensive and much more powerful that a simple Self Directed IRA.  

The Check Book IRA® option has been available since 1996, though most custodians have done a good job keeping it a secret,  

By having a custodian that has nothing to sell you, and adding an LLC you can have instant investment control to go outside the typical Wall Street type investments.   How does it work?

  1. Your accounts are moved to our Self Directed Custodian.
  2. We form a single member LLC. Your IRA will be the 100% owner.
  3. Our Custodian names you the manager in the Operating Agreement.  It is the LLC doing the investing now.
  4. You as Manager have INSTANT and TOTAL control of the LLC.
  5. All profits stay in the LLC and are owned by your IRA.
  6. There’s generally are no tax returns to be filed.  

As manager you are armed with an Operating Agreement that allows you the investment freedom you long for.  No need to chase down permission from the custodian, you already have permission in your hand!

You open bank accounts where ever you wish as manager.  Manage the assets, including rentals. Take Control!

You’ll eliminate transaction fees by using the LLC.  Now you can react with lightening speed.

The Instant Control has made it very popular with Real Estate investors, Trust Deeds and Note buyers and Tax Lien investing. 

Since there are NO transaction fees and our Custodian charges an annual flat fee of $100, the Check Book IRA can literally not only save you time but can, and often does save our clients thousands of dollars each year.

We’ve been the leader for years in this structure.  Our attorney, the late Debra Buchanan pioneered the set up.  We sent her to Washington DC to quiz the Department of Labor and as a result we’ve been the leading provider for years.

In August 2012 the US Patent Office issued us the Trademark rights to the Name “Check Book IRA®”

Go with the Original, go with Check Book IRA®


The Check Book Solo 401(k) Summary

If the Check Book IRA was the trailblazer and the Cadillac of all plans, the Self-Sponsored Check Book 401(k) is the Rolls Royce.

Especially designed for the Self Employed it allows more flexibility and contribution limits far exceeding anything you could get with an IRA. 

You must be making an ongoing effort to receive Self Employment Income (1099).  However, you only need to earn $500 per year to qualify.  If you don’t have any Self Employment Income read here for ideas on how to qualify anyway.

The Self Sponsored Check Book Solo 401(k) has some definite advantages… 

  1. You are allowed to be your own Custodian/Trustee.
  2. The retirement of your Spouse may be included
  3. You may borrow personally up to $50,000 from the plan
  4. NO UDFI  when using leverage buying Real Estate
  5. An LLC is NOT required for control but may be added
  6. The plan can even be set up with a sole proprietor. 

The Solo 401(k) is amazing. It will allow you to make annual pretax contributions up to $54,000 and $60,000 if you are over 50. If you are a couple that means you have up to $120,000 annually that could go into a plan that gives you instant checkbook control over your investments.

It doesn’t take very long to get set up either,  Once you decide to get started, we create the plan and register it with the IRS.  

Next, you, as Trustee open a bank account in the 401(k)’s name and arrange for the rollover/transfer your retirement accounts (with the exception of Roth IRAs)  into the new plan.

As the Trustee of the 401(k), you now have total authority over the plan: what it invests in, how much you contribute each year, movement of other retirement accounts over to the new plan, etc.

Very little reporting is required,

Toll Free:  (800) 482-2760


Redmond OR | Scottsdale AZ | Minneapolis MN

Satisfaction Guaranteed


(pictured from left to right: Jordan Sheppherd, Steve Sheppherd, Owners of Check Book IRA)

Check Book IRA University

Knowledge is Power 

We Educate our Clients. Learn at your leisure.

  • Videos – Short but Informative
  • Blog Posts – Covering every subject
  • Investment Ideas
  • Client Studies
  • Testimonials
  • Learn from the Experts

Real People, Real Stories, Real Successes

I met Steve Sheppherd on a golf course in 2010.
We talked about his company CheckBook IRA and the idea of a self directed IRA. I was sold immediately. I had my entire IRA in the stock market but never really felt comfortable there. I just didn’t understand the market or trust it.
My expertise was in real estate.Steve showed me how I could buy and sell real estate, have rental properties and do hard money loans with my retirement money. He helped me set up my LLC and walked me through the entire process.

Today my IRA has grown substantially and I’m comfortable in what I’m investing.

If you’re on the fence about doing a self directed IRA, contact Steve or Jordan and talk to then.
You won’t find anyone more straight forward or honest.

Deane Cooper

Palm Springs, CA

Every question I had Jordan answered. Everything he suggested went very smoothly… I am very satisfied with the process. You can trust what they tell you and that is all that can be asked.

Dr. Tom Holloman


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