Will a Check Book IRA Work for Me?

By Alisha Bennett


So… is the Check Book IRA LLC the right investment vehicle for you? Absolutely, if the following apply to you:

…if you have the opportunity to invest in real estate, tax liens, precious metals or other non-traditional investment but your current custodian doesn’t allow those types of investments through their firm, then you should think about a Check Book IRA. Even though you are a savvy investor you are hampered your current Custodian’s restrictions.

…if you see your account being whittled down quarter by quarter with transaction fees and asset fees; charges for every single transaction. If you are losing deals because your current Custodian cannot or will not act quickly enough, and would benefit from having the ability to immediately invest your IRA funds.

…if RMD (required minimum distributions) are right around the corner and you are seeking to defer as much tax on your income as possible (call us to discuss how we can minimize your tax effect at 1-800-482-2760

…if the return on your investment is subject to the unpredictable ups and downs of the stock market, but your career experience lies in another direction and you know that you could earn money for your retirement if only you could invest in what you know.


Chances are that most of the above apply to you, which means that the Check Book IRA is the only structure that can meet your needs and facilitate the investments that YOU believe in and more importantly CONTROL.

For additional information, we suggest that you browse through our articles on prohibited parties or review some of our client’s success stories on how they made their investments work for them and maintained control over their own financial future. Please feel free to contact our office at 1-800-482-2760 where you will be put into direct contact with an owner to answer any additional questions or discuss a particular investment you are considering.

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