Why Consider a Roth Conversion NOW

Life Settlements in a Retirement Account? Think Again.

Thinking of doing a Roth Conversion with your Check Book IRA or your Solo 401(k)? Here are Five Reasons to Convert Now.

This was written by Steve Sheppherd, founder of Check Book IRA and current CEO of IRA Valuations, LLC.

  1. Only wait Four Years instead of Five. If you open a Roth in an IRA or a Solo 401(k) prior to Dec 31st, its birthday reverts back to Jan 1st. So you would only need to wait four years and less than a month for the earnings to be available tax FREE instead of the usual five years.
  2. Only pay tax on 65% of the Value of your Plan Assets. If you have a Self Directed IRA or a Solo 401(k), it is possible to move Plan assets into the Roth but only paying tax on 65% of the value of the assets moved.
  3. Spread your Tax Liability over Several Years. By using a Plan owned LLC, it is possible move those assets into the Roth in yearly sections. You would be taxed on 65% of the value of the assets moved but by moving a percentage of ownership of the LLC each year you could stay in a lower tax bracket.
  4. Inflation is Coming. All the experts feel massive asset inflation is on the way so it may be wise to get those assets valued and moved NOW.
  5. Rising Income Taxes. Income taxes are bound to rise with the national debt above $30 Trillion. Why not make the move now?

If you are interested in more details, email Rothconversion@checkbookira.com or give him a call at (541) 797-3572.

If you’d like to watch a 12 minute video of how this approach can work for you, click here.

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