Check Book IRA Welcomes our New Affiliate Angie Michalak – owner of Financial Freedom

Angie has a unique set of skills in that she has expertise the different areas of financial security and investments.

After 8 years in real estate, Angie joined the Largest, Most Innovative, and Technological savvy, eXp Realty. eXp gives Angie the most flexibility and tools to provide the best service available.

Angie began her career with degrees and military certifications in Finance and Accounting. After transferring to Florida in 2013, Angie began a new career in Real Estate and Financial Planning. As a Realtor and a Financial Planner, she has the ability to incorporate real estate investment strategies into her client’s Financial Plan.  Angie is busy expanding her securities and planning licenses so, she is practicing Health & Life Insurance Advising, while focusing on her real estate career. 

She attributes her success to her years of experience. Angie was a member of the Ohio Air National Guard Financial Management office for 10 yrs which makes her more relatable and knowledgeable during her client’s relocation process.  Her 22 years as an Air Force spouse has given her an even broader appreciation for military families and lends a natural connection with them. Angie previously served as the Key Spouse where she assisted the Wing Commander in the Toledo and Jacksonville Fighter Wings to ensure Air Guard families knew of resources available to them.  During Angie’s 26 years of service to the Family Readiness Group, she recognized the need for military members to have financial counseling as a part of their financial readiness. She made it available to them and performed these duties as a volunteer. She was often praised by members for her thoroughness of relocation and retirement. The counseling was identified as such a critical need and requested by so many, that it was the impetus for the position to become a full-time paid position. Working with many families, Angie saw a need for members to have someone they could trust with specialized relocation training to assist with their real estate transactions. Leading her to the designation of Military Relocation Certification from the National Assn of Realtors. 

As a veteran small business, Angie enjoys working with other small business owners.  During her time as multi-store franchisee owner of Once Upon a Child, she maintained a regular spot on the Top-10 list for over 12 years. Her franchises were yearly Gold Star Recipients. Her background as a business owner and operations manager developed an act fast, out of the box, attention to detail goal-oriented thinker. Sellers benefit from the marketing expertise and negotiation strategies gained from her 11 years of service as the President of the Detroit OUAC Owners Advertising Co-Operative. 

Finding clients dream home is the most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of Angie’s career. Her experience as a Realtor, Financial Analyst, and a Financial Planner provides her clients the confidence they need during their real estate transactions. She ensures her clients are not only buying or selling the home that their family loves, but also gives them the comfort that they will stay within their budget to meet their financial goals!

With all these credential Retirement Guardians is excited to be associate with Angie and her team. You can reach Angie here

Angie Michalak
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