Tax Free Prepper Supplies

If you’re worried about the Stock Market and the U.S. dollar but are afraid of the tax and penalty hit if you cash in your retirement, there’s good news. With a Check Book IRA LLC or a Solo 401(k) you can purchase Gold, silver, ammo, supplies, generators and just about anything else tax free as long as they remain an investment. If there is a SHTF scenario you simply take possession and pay the tax on the value next April 15th.

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If you’re worried about the stock market collapse, maybe the financial collapse of the US, you’d really like to get your retirement account out of the market, get it away from the hands of the politicians; perhaps put it in silver and gold that you have under your control in your possession; maybe buy some other prepper supplies, some supplies that might go up in value, be able to resell them; or in an emergency actually take them as a distribution and use them; ammo, gun, foods, generator, whatever; the checkbook IRA is the answer for what is normally called the “Prepper”.

And that is you could pull that money out and be able to purchase those things without any taxes or any penalty. You get your full entire amount out of your IRA into a checkbook IRA with local control of your funds in a local account, be able to buy anything but life insurance and collectibles, that means all the prepper supplies you can buy. You could resell them, you can buy foreign real estate, buy gold and silver Eagles and store them at home. All that with a checkbook IRA.

So that is the answer to the preppers dilemma, “How do I get my IRA money out of the market protected yet not give away 30% in taxes and another 10% an early withdrawal?”

The checkbook IRA is the prepper’s dream for preparing for the future.