Why Store Precious Metals at Home?

Steve from Check Book IRA discusses why many are storing their precious metals at home with their Check Book IRA LLC or their Solo 401(k). Among the many advantages are the immediate and continuous access to your IRA Gold or silver without fear of bank closure or immediate confiscation.

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Why Store Precious Metals At Home

Why would you want to store your IRA precious metals at home? It’s interesting– we had a client who was a lieutenant colonel, he came back from the Middle East and he had metals in his IRA at a depository and we set him up with a Check Book IRA so he could store the American Eagle at his home as the manager of the LLC. And so I ask him, I said, “Why are you doing this?” And he said, “Listen– with one executive order and one marine, they can lock down 98% of all the retirement precious metals in this country. You know, they just put out an executive order, lock down the depository, the metals are, you know, a thousand miles away, and you’re done.” And he said, “Now why would that small amount of effort– why would they spend a huge amount of effort to go after the other 2%? Those same people that believe in the 2nd Amendment? The same people that you don’t know where the metals are– when you can grab 98% without even breaking a sweat.” I thought that was an interesting reasoning. We did set him up and with some of the fiasco that’s gone on with MF Global who was a custodian that they used the client’s money and then when the trustee came in when the company went bankrupt, they grabbed client’s metals, where they had actually bought that particular silver bar, they grabbed it and then they auctioned it off and threw the money from your metal into the pool to pay all the investors back. So we do find a lot of clients wanting to take possession of their precious metals which brings another question, sometimes they say, “What about a safe deposit box?” So click right here to a video that we’ve covered the ins and out of the safe deposit box.