Retirement Program for MLM Superstars

A great plan for MLM Super Stars is the Solo 401(k). You are able to defer so much more than an IRA and have instant access to the funds for investments as the plan administrator.

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If you are a multilevel marketing superstar, we have a great product for you and that’s the Solo 401(k). You can be a sole proprietor or create a little LLC; and the moneys that you’re getting in off of that multilevel marketing, you can shelter up to about 58, $59,000 a year. You could even hire your spouse in your little sole proprietorship and write off double that.

So what happens is some of the income that you get from that is deferred into there, and you pay tax on it only when you take it out, and then some of that can be matched by your little personal company. So you’re able to put that money in and defer those taxes. You can borrow up to $50,000 out of that plan when it’s in there for personal use, and borrow it for five years or borrow it and not have to pay it back for 15 years if you buy a personal residence.

You are the plan administrator so you instantly can write checks and sign documents and invest that plan money. So you’re making money with the MLM, writing it off not having to pay so much taxes, putting it in the plan, being the plan administrator, your own trustee with your money at your local bank, go and make investments and let that buildup tax-free, borrow money out if you need to. It’s a great plan for the multilevel superstars.