Dressing Up a Flipper

Would you like to really dress up a Real Estate Fixer Upper? Maybe use your IRA or Solo 401(k) to buy houses that need remodeling. Learn from seasoned Real Estate Investor Steve Sheppherd from Check Book IRA how to dress up a house for VERY little capital.

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I thought I’d share another quick and cheap fix to a little fixer upper” house, and that is, we call it, the “Door Package”. That was just our family term for: “Leave the same door there and paint it, but go around the neighborhood and get kind of some cool colors, maybe a forest green or something depending on the base color of the house.” But let’s say it was forest green. I’d paint the door green and then, I’d go get brass kick plate, the brass plated nice big door knob, you know, that your thumb pops down on, and they’re easy to put in, the brass kick plate, a brass knocker put that on there, and boy that door would look really great!

And then next to it, I would take just a piece of plywood, you know, thin and cut it in like a rectangle, maybe cut the corners off so it would have a little bit of a curve to the corner. And I’d paint it same color as the door. And then I’d put it over next to the door, you know, a little bit of ways from it and get those big nice brass numbers and put it on there. And then go down and replace those old, nasty looking shutters with new more modern looking shutters. The plastic ones they’re like 15 bucks for a pair at Home Depot. You go pick them out you’d paint in the same colors everything else and slap them up, and I’m telling you for a couple hundred dollars you can’t believe what you can do to the front house. I mean literally, it’ll be, maybe now prices are up a little bit, but I bet you won’t spend $250. And it will really, really make a difference in that. I mean, they’d put their hand on a new fresh door, it’s just looking at them. It’s got this color-coordinated, it’s got the new modern shutters, it’s got this really cool numbers right there where you can see in them, it’s color-coordinated. And it’s really well worth the money. And you can do that, throw a few plants down, you know bag of bark chips around and it will really change the look of a little old house.