You are retired, but like many people you have concerns about how to stretch your savings. You want to be active and engaged with your time, but how do you keep on budget while maintaining fitness? A healthy body and mind is key to enjoying the fruits of retirement so here are some budget-conscience approaches to keeping fit:

1. Pump It Up – You can lift weights at home, go on long walks, ride a stationary bicycle, or joining a gym. Whatever your current level of physical fitness, keeping your body active and strong will allow you do more with your time. A combination of resistance training and cardio activities will increase your energy levels and help you prevent illnesses.

2. Use Your Brain – Keep your mind in good shape by reading. Reading a combination of novels, non-fiction, and magazines will keep you sharp and engaged. Use your local library or book exchange to keep costs down. Join a book club for camaraderie. A healthy mind goes a long way towards more enjoyment of your time off.

3. Outdoor Chores – Raking leaves, trimming plants, and mowing the lawn are all activities that you can do to get additional exercises and fresh air. This combination is unbeatable. Additionally you will save on having to pay someone else do the work. If you are feeling inspired you can create a vegetable garden to stay active while eating more healthily and controlling your budget.

4. Local Culture and Travel – A wealth of culture and entertainment awaits just outside your door. Do some research by reading local travel magazines and websites to uncover hidden treasures nearby your own home. You may still be planning a big international trip, but in the meantime don’t miss out of local flavors you may have missed while working all those years.

5. Community Engagement – There are likely many organizations in your community in need of volunteers. Use your time with a local organization to help others and along the way to create new friendships. You will increase your appreciation for the richness in your community.

These approaches are some ways you can both stretch your retirement dollars and maintain a high quality of life. Enjoy your retirement years…you’ve earned it!

Source: U.S. News & World Report