It’s no secret that most Americans don’t have faith in the social security system to take them thorough their golden years. Ideally one begins saving for retirement with the first paycheck from their first job, but we also understand how unrealistic for that to actually happen. The good news is – even if you have made some mistakes in past planning, there are some easy ways to avoid making anymore. Your retirement can still be as comfortable as you want it to be, as long as you are willing to put in a little work upfront to make it happen.

Though there are many methods to figure out your optimum age for retirement, it is always best not to assume any specific age for retiring. Don’t leave out the hypotheticals, either. You never expect to be laid off or experience a significant health issue, but they can force you to retire earlier than expected and if you haven’t saved enough or invested properly, it can be a big problem. Don’t expect to be able to count on the last few years of work life to save everything you need for the next twenty-plus years, either. Beginning your planning early is the best way to ensure a comfortable retirement.

You probably have a family member or friend who is a self-proclaimed finance guru. They may be able to provide you with some good savings tips, but it won’t get you the results a real professional will be able to provide. Just because they have done well with their savings and retirement doesn’t mean that they can meet the needs of your specific situation. Financial planners don’t require a great deal of wealth to acquire, either. They will be able to integrate your savings and income into a healthy plan to set you up for a comfortable retirement.

Source: Investopedia