Realtors: “Would you like fries with that?”

By Steve Sheppherd

Real Estate Seller

Any real estate investor will tell you that an excellent real estate agent can be a real asset. However, in my experience most real estate agents are simply order takers. The only difference is that instead of asking, “Would you like fries with that?”, they’re asking, “Do you want a two or three-bedroom, or one bath or two?” They simply check off boxes as you rattle off what you are looking for. And if you happen to want something different, a look of disbelief and confusion will immediately come over their face. “But there’s no box for that!”

It’s bad enough that these order takers don’t help you accomplish your goals but they’ll actually get in the way of you making a deal. Order takers don’t know how to be creative in financing or deal making. Several times they have jeopardized my deals and I was only able to save the deal by going to the broker or the home owner. That’s why I have one hard and fast rule in hiring a real estate agent. It involves one hard and fast requirement, and asking two questions. I want more than just fries.


They MUST be an investor or landlord. I never use a real estate agent that is not. An investor will know a good deal and know exactly what I’m trying to accomplish. They can be creative. Simply put: they get it. Try to be creative with an order taker and all you’ll get is a blank stare saying, “The computer won’t let me do that”.

Question 1: I want to know how many properties they own or have owned in the last few years.

The more the merrier. If they get a blank look on their face, I know that the only variation of my order will be whether I get fries or not.

Question 2: If you had the money, what property would you buy today?

There’s always a good deal out there because there’s always more deals than money and believe me they have salivated over it. But since they can’t buy it, they might as well sell it to you for a commission! So get yourself a good realtor then you can “have it your way”.


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