Retirement requires a good deal of attention to be a successful venture; especially when it’s right around the corner. In a recent report from, retirees will need about 70 percent of their working income in order for their retirement to be comfortable, and adhere with their current standard of living. To put it in perspective, seniors making $50,000 annually will require about $35,000 per year of retirement. Working a part-time job during the early years of retirement can assist this, but most of us won’t be able to work forever.

The best starting point for seniors is to know what they have saved, and to thoroughly understand their spending. Financial planner Heidi Clute says, “You have to know where you are, take a baseline, do a cash flow, understand where you are. From that point you can understand what changes are available and what options you have.” Of course, all options should be considered before retirement. Taking measures like downsizing your home, maintaining your career or picking up a part-time job in retirement and even delaying Social Security can help you cut some expenses and increase your savings.

Planning for retirement can seem daunting, but Clute says despite the intimidation factor, the more you plan, the easier it becomes. Having a solid course of action in the years leading up to retirement can make or break your retirement’s success. Having a strong portfolio, complete with company-sponsored 401(k), annuities and IRA, will make your golden years just as comfortable, if not more so than the years you spend working as a senior.