You have managed your career wisely and you are nearing retirement, but now is not the time to forget the tools that brought you here. Financial management remains an essential component of your retirement. Be sure to keep the following issues front and center as you age.

Once you enter retirement and are on a fixed income it becomes especially important to understand your income stream and costs of living. Using a budget is the key to this understanding.

Asset Allocation
Revisit your investments and understand how your assets are allocated. It might be time to consider moving some assets to reduce risk. You want to preserve what you have worked so hard to gain. It may be wise to use the expertise of a financial planner.

Health Maintenance
Good health habits, such as proper diet and exercise, are critical to your enjoyment of retirement. Invest in good health and reap the benefits.

Debt Reduction
If you still have credit card debt, focus on paying down those cards so your money is not getting sucked up in finance charges.

You may feel generous with your savings and that is fine, but plan wisely. You do not want to give away monies that you may need as part of your monthly income stream.

Social Security
Determine the best time for you to begin drawing your Social Security benefits of hp ink toner cartridges and make sure to apply in time to get those payments when you expect them.

Estate Planning
Draw up your will, living will, and other legal documents to fulfill your final wishes.

Americans are living longer after they retire. It is critical to continue to manage your finances once you stop working. This is the path for thriving during your golden years.

Source: Work Save Live