Mobility – The Big Advantage of a Checkbook IRA LLC That’s Often Overlooked

By Peter Rizzo

Life Settlements in a Retirement Account? Think Again.

People get involved with Self Directed IRA’s, for they want control over their investments and want to invest in things that aren’t usually offered by the big investment companies. The one thing they often overlook is how mobile their account is if they want to change custodians or just liquidate and move back to a more traditional structure.

In the last few weeks many of our new clients who are switching to a pure Check Book IRA from a self-directed IRA are having nightmares trying to free their investments. Custodians are delaying signing off on deeds or delaying the rollovers till the administrator is satisfied to stated value and the list goes on. When your investments are in a Check Book IRA LLC (single member being the IRA), the transfer is as simple as transferring ownership of the LLC from one IRA to another.

If you have one of our CheckBook IRAs, you are set. But if you have another company’s CheckBook IRA or Solo 401k, ask them what you need to do to transfer assets if you want to.

Remember, mobility is as important as control.

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