Make Lemonade From Lemons


by Peter Rizzo

Life Settlements in a Retirement Account? Think Again.

To all of you that are bemoaning the fact that your IRA’s or 401k’s are taking a dive in value, there are two things to do:

1. You can pour a glass of wine and bemoan the value you lost, letting everyone within earshot know how much your investments have declined, or

2. You can make the best out of the situation.

If you chose 1, I can recommend some good Cabs, but if you choose 2, we can give you a roadmap to rebuilding.

Many people are using this downturn to convert their traditional IRA’s and Solo 401k’s to a Roth. The value of this is when the ship rights itself and your investments regain their value, you will never be paying taxes on the gains as you do with a traditional plan.

There are many ways to convert the account. Consult your custodian for details. If you are converting over $100,000, there is a unique way to convert the account at a lower value than it is today.

Here is a link to a podcast I did with our Founder, Steve Sheppherd, who has a company called IRA Valuations, that converts IRA, and Solo 401k’s with greatly reduced taxation.

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