The price of gold is in decline, but it is no time to panic. In fact, now is a good time for investors looking to diversity to consider investing with physical gold within your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This sounds more complicated that it is. The process is easy, but it is critical that you do the research to find both the gold dealer and the IRA company that best fits your needs and style of business.

First off, the basic process of working with gold in your IRA is simple: you buy IRS-approved gold, set up a self-directed IRA, and then store the gold in an appropriate vault. In this basic scenario, you want to be sure to work with people who know where to get the right gold, how to manage the transaction, and how to store precious metals safely and securely.

The ability of a self-directed IRA to allow you to invest in precious metals makes them incredibly versatile, but you must do your research. Find others you trust who may have experience with these transactions. Review Better Business Bureau reports for companies handling gold and gold IRAs. Read reviews on TrustLink, a forum for consumer complaints and recommendations. You want to find the best match for your situation, but be sure to avoid companies with poor customer service, overly aggressive sales staff, limited offerings of products, or unexpected fees. You want an account specialist with a proven track in precious metals and who has managed those assets within a self-directed IRA.

Do your research and be rewarded with an investment relationship built on mutual respect and regard for all parties.

Source: Gold IRA Rollover Guide