If Not Now, When?

By Alisha Bennett

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We’ve all seen the scare-tactics type articles in the news:

“less than 50% of Americans have retirement savings”,

“40% of Americans will be living at poverty level by retirement age,”. 

Most contain long list of frightening statistics by any standards, but I’ve noticed something else they have in common. Rather than spurring people to meaningful action, they tend to cause stagnation. Mired in fear, we worry, we stew, we stare burning holes into the ceiling at night and add stress to our daily lives after reading such terrible predictions; rarely do we chart a new course or plan.

That’s why I’d prefer to take the optimistic yet realistic view that, it is in fact, NEVER too late. Never too late to take control. Never too late to take the reins and head in a new direction. Although, you may brush this off as a Pollyanna worldview, I’d counter with a simple question to clarify my standing: Would you rather give yourself an early heart attack, nineteen new gray hairs and a life-long addiction to TUMS worrying about the “what if’s” or would you rather take an hour, make a plan, do a little research and feel better about the future that will come whether you’re ready or not?

I found this article, http://outofyourrut.com/over-50-and-no-pension-or-retirement-plan-what-now/to have some positive ideas of what you can do now to take back control of your retirement and your future. 

This video  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSjHnHLh0icwill also help you take your newfound momentum further by learning about Self-Directed IRAs and taking control of your retirement funds via a Check Book IRA or a Solo 401(K.

03B73548If you haven’t started saving for retirement yet or if you haven’t stuck to a consistent savings plan….it truly is not too late. 

To paraphrase a famous saying used by people from Rabbi Hillel to President Reagan;

If not you, who? Who will secure your retirement future for you? If not now, when?

  When will the time be right to make the change, or will you look back and wish you had?

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