Are Hidden Fees Draining Your Standard or Self-Directed IRA?

By Steve Sheppherd

Hidden Costs

If you’ve had the opportunity to read Tony Robbins’ book, Money: Master the Game you are already aware of the dizzying array of hidden fees in your IRA or Self-Directed IRA. Otherwise, I highly recommend at least browsing through his discussions on broker fees.

Mind you, these are not the typical fees that show up on your statement rating you an insulting and minuscule deduction on your tax return. No, I’m talking about the fees that never even make an appearance on your statement; built into the very core of your IRA.

This is one more hassle you can avoid if you are using a Check Book IRA or a Solo K structure.

Even if you have a Self-Directed IRA, check out this article to see how much you may be paying unnecessarily.

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