October 1st was the launch date for the government’s new website [www.healthcare.gov] for healthcare enrollment commonly referred to as Obamacare.  And after just two weeks the diagnosis is…….sickly.

The site is slow and full of errors that are frustrating people all across the country.  Even CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen’s attempts to enroll for the past two weeks have failed, and according to their article the website’s code (what creates the look and function of the site) doesn’t follow even basic rules.  For many citizens this is sadly the sort of obtuse and maladroit “service” they’ve come to expect from government or anything associated with it.

Of course the list of ailments in regards to the new healthcare system itself is long and much debated.  But what isn’t subject to debate is the fact that the new website’s ineffectiveness is the least of our worries.  For instance, according to www.Digitaltrends.com this amateurish site’s setup and maintenance cost approximately $363 MILLION to date……which doesn’t include Medicare/Medicaid insurance platforms.  By the time it’s all said and done the estimate is closer to $500 MILLION.  Yes that’s $500,000,000.00.  Hardly seems like a wise expenditure at a time when the government shut-down recently due to budget issues…and I’m just guessing they didn’t fund that website with their Sears card.  That’s right, you are now the proud owner of a inefficient, failing website designed to give heart-attacks to all those poor uninsured taxpayers out there BEFORE they can sign up for the healthcare plan.images

Well at least once they get the bugs out of the website we can all sign up and have peace of mind at last…perhaps not quite.

As if to launch a final insult to the bewildered and overwhelmed taxpayers…..Weekly Standard reports that the Terms & Conditions source code has a hidden message….literally.  The source code does not allow all of the terms and condition text to be seen.  Of course I’d want to hide the “Users should have no reasonable expectation of privacy” bit too, if possible.

It appears that reasonable expectations of any kind went out the door long ago when it comes to health care coverage and insurance.  Ad nauseum apologies, explanations and “fixes” are sure to be forthcoming from the government in regards to their newest monstrosity.  It remains to be seen if the American public is prepared to swallow down yet another ineffective pill.