Aging adults can benefit from regular exercise and increased physical activity. Getting started with an exercise program can seem daunting, no matter what the benefits. One approach to fitness is to create a program that incorporates increased physical activities as part of your daily routine.

Consider what activities you enjoy doing and try to incorporate them into your new physical activities. For example, listen to music or an audio book while walking briskly through your neighborhood or around a local track. Read a magazine while on a stationary bike. If you are social, consider joining an exercise class at the recreation center to meet new people and stay motivated. If you enjoy yard work, then rake your neighbor’s yard or help with their garden. Focus on what you like to do and let the physical activities flow from those points.

As you can see, your exercise program does not need to be at the gym. You can create a more active lifestyle throughout your day. For example, you can choose stairs over the elevator, park farther away in parking lots, lift canned goods for weight training, and avoid being too sedentary.

Your exercise program does not have to be a burden. You do not have to join a gym or hire a trainer (unless you want to!). Explore more on foot or bicycle. Stretch at the park or while waiting in line. Visit your local library and borrow exercise DVDs to explore new approaches to fitness such as yoga or Tai Chi.

Focus on finding the right balance between the challenge and the reward. Try keeping a log of your accomplishments to stay motivated or consider having an exercise partner for support. As you progress, you will reap both the physical and mental rewards that a more active life style brings.

Source: Help Guide