Crowd Funding

By Peter F. Rizzo

Crowd Funding

A Great Way for the Novice Investor to get in on the Real Estate Boom.

Every day, I talk to people who want to jump in the real estate market to get higher returns on their IRA or Solo 401(k) investments.  The Checkbook IRA and Solo 401(k) are perfect vehicles for this.

Of course, I caution all of our clients to seek expert advice in the real estate they are investing in. You must remember that you’re competing against seasoned professionals for the best properties; it can be very easy to inadvertently buy a property that takes a considerable amount of work to get it into saleable condition.

One popular method of real estate investing is Crowd Funding.  Basically, you buy a percentage of a real estate deal or mortgage rather than fund the whole project yourself.  While the gains are often not as great the risk factor has been minimized significantly. Here is a great article from Forbes that discuss this form of investment in more depth.

Consider Crowd Funding to get your feet wet in the Real Estate Market and minimize your risk.

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