Unique Realtor Opportunity!
Combine Your Retirement Accounts into
One High Producing Investment Machine

By Steve Sheppherd

Very few Realtors are aware that Congress passed an act that allows Self-employed Business owners (Most Realtors) to enjoy the same flexibility and tax advantages as large Corporations, at a fraction of the cost and reporting.

A few of the benefits Realtors across the nation are receiving:


1. Defer taxes on up to $62,000 of your commission income.

2. Combine your retirement accounts into one local account of which you have total control!

3. Be your own Custodian with Checkbook Control over a local bank account.

4. Have total authority to instantly invest in Real Estate or other non- traditional investments. Don’t let another good real estate investment get away.

5. You may personally borrow up to $50,000 from your retirement account and you can use that money for whatever you want, with no penalty or tax.

6. Some Realtors are able to add the retirement accounts of their spouse.

7. Set up can be in just a few days. There’s minimal paperwork and expense.

8. Buy any type of precious metals and store locally.

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