Checkbook Control of Your Retirement Savings Gives You More Than Just Freedom of Investment Choices

By Peter Rizzo

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Many of our clients have reported back that when they got checkbook control of their retirement accounts, they got much more than an increased number of investment choices. They found that their investment advisors looked at them like team owners look at highly valued free agent athletes or college coaches look at that valued recruit. They went from getting a email card on their birthday to being wooed and constantly told through actions how much they were appreciated. They found that:

  • They were offered products and advice only reserved for “special“ clients
  • Financial advisers were selling their expertise rather than their memories of each other growing up.
  • They were given a breakdown of fees to show value rather than having them hidden in 200 pages of disclosures.
  • They were offered increased services at a cheaper price.
  • The advisor now realized they could take their account and leave at anytime if they didn’t get what they were promised.

These are just a few of the benefits of getting CheckBook Control of your retirement investments. Your relationship with your investment advisor doesn’t have to change. It’s now there for mutual respect, not obligation. So now is the time to start a new relationship with your money and those who help you handle it.

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