Hiring Subcontractors with Your Check Book IRA

By Jordan Sheppherd

Real Estate Drawing

From Deane Cooper, a long-time Check Book IRA client:

I met Steve Sheppherd on a golf course in 2010. We talked about his company Check Book IRA and the idea of a self directed IRA. I was sold immediately. I had my entire IRA in the stock market but never really felt comfortable there. I just didn’t understand the market or trust it. My expertise was in real estate. Steve showed me how I could buy and sell real estate, have rental properties and do hard money loans with my retirement money. He helped me set up my LLC and walked me through the entire process. Today my IRA has grown substantially and I’m comfortable in what I’m investing. If you’re on the fence about doing a self directed IRA, contact Steve or Jordan and talk to then. You won’t find anyone more straight forward or honest.

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