Can I Buy Prepper Supplies with my IRA?

By Steve Sheppherd

Prepper Storage

Yes you can, with a Check Book IRA. You can’t use them and you can’t loan them out to your family. But you can buy them as an investment as long as you are not in collectibles. You can buy other prepper supplies, generators or water pumps. You can buy foreign real estate. You can buy a bug-out place as long as you don’t live in it until you take it as a distribution. Those things are investments, but they are also a hedge against the collapse of the future. If the future does turn bad, then go ahead and use those things, eat the supplies, use the supplies, live in the property, spend the gold to take care of your family. You just have to take it as a distribution. You’re going to have to pay tax on it the next year.

Where you’re going to send the paperwork on that, I have no clue if everything hits the fan. But it can be a very good way to protect your future. The Prepper IRA. The CheckBook IRA.

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