Life is rich and brings with it both hard work and the desire to experience more of the world. The proverbial bucket list is our culture’s container of those places, people, and experiences that we’d like to be a part of in our lifetime. The bucket list can contain is personal and often we “shoot for the moon.” However, as we move into retirement it is a good idea to also broaden our bucket list to include new activities and experiences. Here is a sampling of some attainable and satisfying items to consider for your list.

1. Have a physical stamina goal. It might be a bike race, a hike on a park trail, or swimming a certain distance. Keep the goal in mind and develop a program and schedule to reach your goal.

2. Travel to unusual places. London is fine, but armchair explore other locales. You will be able to determine the best mix of comfort and exploration. In the end, you will bring back great stories and appreciation of the world’s diversity.

3. Celebrate spontaneity and do the unexpected. Buy a camper and explore the California coast.

4. If you love baseball, visit a historic ballpark. If you love jazz, go to New Orleans. Follow your passion.

5. Join a book club. Suggest an unusual or controversial book. Talk with your peers in a respectful and intellectual manner.

6. Volunteer your time with a charity. Your time is valuable to those in need.

7. Contact old friends and plan a reunion. Use social media networks to learn where old classmates and friends are and how they are doing.

8. Become a library user and find unusual movies and music to explore. Volunteer with the library and help keep community services intact.

9. Learn about local history and culture. Tour your local environs. Create your own walking or driving tours of historic and culturally-significant places.

10. Become friendly as a routine. Talk to strangers. Invite storytelling into your life. You have a rich history and so do those around you. Sharing is spiritual; enjoy the process of talking and listening.

A list is simply a way to inspire you to do things. A bucket list is no different and it is essential to grow your list in ways that allow you to be engaged with your daily life, both doing things in your community today as well as planning for your grand trip around the world.

Source: Comfort Life