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Swanson v. The Commissioner    The case that started it all.  Read how the IRS lost in court and had to pay $50,000 in court costs.

Attorney Opinion Letter on Gold IRA

Read how as manager of the IRA/LLC you may hold certain Gold and Silver coin for safe keeping much like any other asset of the IRA/LLC.

Market Watch Article

An article published by Market Watch covering the advantages of the Check Book IRA complete with quotes from Check Book IRA founder, Steve Sheppherd

Gold/Silver Coin Flyer

Explaining the advantages and peace of mind you can have with a CheckBook IRA LLC in the purchase and holding of precious metals in an IRA.  Eliminate 3rd party risk by taking delivery of physical gold.

CheckBook IRA Flyer 

A short flyer explaining in summary the benefits of a Check Book IRA / LLC.


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