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Message from the “Retirement Guy”, founder and owner of Check Book IRA.

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Hi! I am Steve of Check Book IRA. I’m the founder of the company and you’re probably looking for somebody in a suit I’ve worn plenty of those in my life. But here lately we’ve been lied to by people wearing suits. Rather than try to wear a suit and impress you with that we’d much rather try to impress you with what we can actually do and what we have done.

Our company has been around for 12 years we have clients in all 50 states, 31 countries, actually 32 we added Bali this week. We’ve never had a single complaint with the Better Business Bureau in that time period. We have an A+ rating we never had any issues with the IRS.

And I know why you’re here.

You’re here because you’re worried. You’re here because you all of a sudden discovered that despite what those people in suits have told you, you can actually take your IRA money and buy precious metals and store them at home, get them away from the depository a thousand miles away, get them out of those hands of the people in the suits. And it’s true you can with the Checkbook IRA. It’s been around since 1996.

So, welcome to our site. Stay here, learn a little bit. There’s some more videos. There’s a video about the entire set up, it’s a little bit more in depth, so read through there. We’re really, really busy right now with a lot of different people that are wanting the set up. They’re worried about Greece, they’re worried that that might happen here, they’re worried about the state of the United States with an activist court, they’re worried about a president that is fast and loose with executive orders, and they’re just worried about the state of the $18 trillion national debt.

So, you’re in good company. You’re like 95% of all our clients. So, look around, and if you decide that the Check Book IRA is for you, it’s not cheap, it’s going to run you about $1500 dollars to set up and then about $200 dollars a year. Doesn’t matter if you got ten thousand or ten million in your account. It doesn’t matter how many transactions you do, because that’s done down in the LLC level, and not with the IRA, and you’ll understand that shortly. But a lot of people spend more than that in advisor fees, in storage fees, and everything else.

So, I think you’re going to really love the Check Book IRA if it’s for you. Learn what you can. At the bottom of our page you can contact us to have us give you have a phone call, to set a phone appointment, or you can actually go straight to the application and fill that out. We do ask that you try to educate yourself as much as you can. We have a small, very capable staff, but we can take care of you. You’ll be set up in two to three weeks, depending on how long it takes your current custodian to get with the program and move the funds. And also, if you have metals at an IRA depository we can move those metals too.

So, enjoy it and we certainly appreciate your business here at Check Book IRA.