Retirement Guardians

Expert contacts specializing in guarding and growing

Trusts – a Vital Protection

  • New court ruling endangers inherited IRA’s
  • Excellent solution to estate planning
  • Large tax savings if done properly
  • Eliminate the costly California $800 LLC’s fee

Insurance for Real Estate Investors

  • Coverage for all investment properties
  • Pay as you go – Monthly
  • All properties on one schedule
  • Solo 401(k) and Check Book IRA friendly

Buy and Sell Real Estate Notes

  • Earn double-digit returns secured by real estate
  • Eliminate the 3 T’s of tenants, toilets, and trash
  • Easily use your retirement by simply writing
  • Deal in notes in any state or any country

CPA & Accounting Services

  • Do you need a Professional that understands the Check Book IRA or Solo 401(k)
  • Stay compliant. Be aware of rule changes
  • Get the best advice with a Retirement Guardians

Estate Planning for Retirement Plans

  • Learn about our amazing trust that grows tax free
  • Perfect for large transfer of wealth
  • In some instances the increase in value is not taxable
  • Shield and manage Retirement plans as well.

Perfect Retirement plan for Pastors

  • Learn how to provide a tax free retirement for your Pastor
  • Use a Roth Solo 401(k) to maximum advantage
  • By using an Annuity you can safely provide for the future
  • Eliminate retirement fear for your local pastor and family