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By Jordan Sheppherd

Mango Farm

Recently we’ve had quite a few clients contact us to ask if we have any investments we recommend. We’re not an investment company, so I don’t know that I recommend any investments in particular, but I thought I would share one this week, that one of our clients brought to our attention. If you have an interesting investment, send it to us, and maybe we’ll share it with our community.

It’s an organic farm in Panama that will go into partnership with you to grow avocados and mangos, and split their profits. Basically, you buy a plot of land, and they do the rest. This client, Lynn Whitehead, sent me an email about the investment, and I thought maybe our community might find it interesting.

Disclosure: We have no connection with or involvement in this investment, nor do we have any sort of referral agreement with them, or anyone else. Translation: We don’t make any money off of this, this is just for your information.

With that out of the way, it’s probably best to just quote what Lynn sent to me, given that he flew down to Panama to do his due diligence, and has made an investment:

After I heard about the Simply Natural Farms investment model, I thought this could present a great investment opportunity for my situation since I plan to retire in about five years, plus and I’m looking for overseas opportunities to diversify away from the US markets. So, I took a trip to Panama in April, 2017 to visit the farm. I wanted to verify for myself that the farm operation was being managed properly and determine what risks there might be if I invested in the farm.

The founder of Simply Natural, Brian Angiuli, took me on a tour. I was pleased to see that the farm looked very well organized and the operation was running smoothly. There were over 100,000 saplings growing within the protection of the nursery which was impressive.

Concerning risks, I considered having a dry wet-season as being the biggest risk, except Simply Natural Farms has an irrigation system in place that gets water from a large clean river flowing down from the mountains. If the river ever dried up due to drought, Simply Natural has numerous ponds available throughout the property as a backup plan, plus, Simply Natural has drilled water wells strategically throughout the farmland as a 2nd backup plan. Risks due to earthquake and hurricanes are not a factor historically. In summary, I felt the risks were minimal so I chose to purchase two hectares of avocados.

The purchase process was simple and quick. I only had to sign two agreements and wire the funds to a bank in the US, and Simply Natural handled transferring the funds to Panama. Transferring the funds inside the US made the purchase process much simpler.

-Lynn Whitehead


– I receive title to the land which has already been certified USDA organic. They did tell me it’s been taking some time for the Panamanians to complete the title process as they have several government entities required to process the title in this country.

– Value of land in Panama is currently rising about 10% per year as utilities and infrastructure improves in the rural areas.

– Not an earthquake zone.

– No hurricanes.

– They have successful organic operations in Mexico and Peru thus experience and the operating process in place.

– Having the Panama Canal, they have access to distribute quickly to market east or west.

– Panama government really wants the farm to succeed to diversify the country’s revenue so they have paved the roads into their operation and looking to raise the amount of income investors are allowed to earn to encourage more investors (Simply Natural said no Panamanian taxes on income below $350,000 and they are considering raising or even removing any taxes at all.

– Finally, long term return on investment which I can pass on to my family for generations to come.

For more information, you can visit Simply Natural Investments’s website and contact them directly:

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    • Jordan Sheppherd

      Hey Everyone,

      Just to reiterate for clarity’s sake – we aren’t involved in this investment, so the mention of it we sent out in the newsletter shouldn’t be seen as an endorsement. Make sure to do your own due diligence.


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