“The Check Book Solo 401(k) allows me, as the LEGAL Trustee to take possession of physical precious metals, EVEN bullion

We Have Helped 1,000’s Do JUST THAT!

How Far Away Are Your Metals…

If you worry about the idea of someone else holding the Gold & Silver owned by your retirement account, we have the solution! Our Check Book Controlled Solo 401(k) structure gives you the ability to hold precious metals, whether coin or bullion at home as the Qualified, Approved Trustee of your Solo 401(k) plan. The only exceptions are Collectibles as listed in 4975.

With Government spending at record highs and the Fed’s printing presses giving off smoke you can put your retirement on the “gold”standard by holding precious metals. And now, you’ve discovered, you can hold them at home! Save on Fees!

Unlike restrictive IRA rules, precious metals owned and held by our Solo 401(k) may be bullion bars, Maple leafs, Krugerrand’s, Eagles and such. All held within your watchful eye as the Plan Administrator.

In an emergency will your Silver and Gold be a 1,000 miles away?

If you have them locked up  someone else has the key! You can take CONTROL and hold them at home and avoid the risk of third party default, seizure or theft. If you currently have metals in an IRA held at a depository, no worries as you will see, we can move them as well.

Metals Can Be a Form of PROTECTION

  • Protection from a collapse of an OVERPRICED Stock Market
  • Protection from the $18 Trillion Dollar National Debt
  • Protection by having your IRA held locally under YOUR control
  • Protection by NOT having your IRA Gold and Silver 1,000 miles away
  • Protection by having the investment flexibility Congress always intended
  • Buy Bullion and save money. You don’t have to pay big premiums on Coins!

Every question I had Jordan answered.  Everything he suggested went very smoothly.

I bought gold and silver and took possession.  

I am very satisfied with the process. You can trust what they tell you and that is all that can be asked.

Dr. Tom Holloman


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What Can’t I Do?

What is a Prohibited Transaction?

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In a Nutshell

  • You fill out an application with us online.
  • You pay a one time set up fee of $1200 via an E-Check 
  • We help you open a new Solo 401(k) 
  • Paperwork is started to move your IRA(s) cash or metals to your new Solo 401(k).
  • We prepare all the plan documents, filings and pay all fees.
  • An new EIN tax identification number is secured from the IRS.
  • You open a local Trust  bank account.  
  • There is no tax return to file and no reporting to IRS unless the value exceeds $250,000
  • You will be billed on the anniversary of the plan creation for a $200 maintenance fee.
  • Set up takes less than a  week . 


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding help, expertise and professionalism in helping me establish my new Self Directed account.  I was pressed for critical time to meet a settlement deadline for a property investment. To make matters worst, the state in which I had sent my application to register with could not locate my information.

Your solution to immediately file electronically on my behalf saved the day and my settlement occurred without a problem. You came through to do the right things to make it happen and I offer my most sincere thanks and gratitude.

Also, I appreciate your ongoing support.  Again, thank you.”

Lou Kerdock

Hyattsville, MD


“My wife and I recently took control of our retirement funds. Even though in the future a reporter interviewing homeless old people under the bridge may ask me what went wrong, I sleep better knowing we are making the decisions that determine our fate.

I know the ”professionals” are much smarter than me but I also know they are using my savings to finance multi-million dollar salaries, jet planes, and six thousand dollar shower curtains. I can’t say if I had access to their money I would not live it up myself!

The staff at Check Book IRA set up the legal structure and guided us through the fund transfer process.I urge you to start early because some of those custodians don’t give up your money easily!

Don’t wait until you find the perfect investment.”

Ralph & Betty Beer

Wilmington, NC


I met Steve Sheppherd on a golf course in 2010.

We talked about his company CheckBook IRA and the idea of a self directed IRA. I was sold immediately.  I had my entire IRA in the stock market but never really felt comfortable there. I just didn’t understand the market or trust it.

My expertise was in real estate.

Steve showed me how I could buy and sell real estate, have rental properties and do hard money loans with my retirement money. He helped me set up my LLC and walked me through the entire process.

Today my IRA has grown substantially and I’m comfortable in what I’m investing.

If you’re on the fence about doing a self directed IRA, contact Steve or Jordan and talk to then.

You won’t find anyone more straight forward or honest.

Deane Cooper

Palm Springs, CA

Redmond, OR

Minneapolis, MN

Scottsdale, AZ

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